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Bridge Club of Anniston

Zero Tolerance Policy

The Anniston Bridge Association, citing a commitment to "improving acceptable player behavior at all times" has voted to adopt Zero Tolerance as its policy effective immediately.

Commendable behavior is expected of all players at all Anniston Bridge Association games at all times, including during bridge games as well as in the playing area before and after each session. Commendable behavior includes (but is not limited to):
· Being a good "host" or "guest" at the table.
· Greeting others in a friendly manner.
· Praising the bidding and/or play of the opponents
· Having two clearly completed convention cards readily available to the opponents. This is also a regulation.
Unacceptable behavior includes (but is not limited to):
· Badgering, rudeness, insinuations, intimidation, profanity, threats or violence.
· Negative comments concerning the play or bidding of the opponents or partner.
· Gloating over good results.
· Constant and gratuitous lessons and analyses at the table.
· Loud and disruptive arguing with a director's ruling.

At the start of each event, the director will announce that the club is observing Zero Tolerance of unacceptable behavior. When behavior is not consistent with the guidelines outlined above, the director should be called. The director will then attempt to determine the facts. If the director establishes there was unacceptable behavior, an immediate 1/4 - board disciplinary penalty (3 IMPs in team games) shall be assigned to all offenders. This may involve any one or all four players at the table, regardless of who initiated the unacceptable behavior. If both members of a partnership are guilty, the penalties are cumulative (1/4 board each = 1/2 board or 3 IMPs each = 6 IMPs).

If it is determined that a second offense has occurred in the same session, the offender(s) shall be ejected from that session. They will not be eligible for any masterpoints and no refunds will be made.

In the case of a serious offense and in the case of multiple offenses (three) in a month, a disciplinary committee may determine whether the offender(s) should be allowed to play at the club and whether additional sanctions my be appropriate.

Warnings are strongly discouraged and will be given only when there is no clear violation or in cases where the facts cannot be determined. Offenders are to receive immediate penalties. Regardless of who may have initiated unacceptable behavior, all offenses are punishable. Retaliatory behavior is a punishable offense. Frivolous accusations will also be considered as offenses under this policy.


(Adapted from the ACBL Zero Tolerance policy in the January, 1998 Bridge Bulletin)


January 13, 1998